Pet Leadership Council

Giving Network

Helping Pets in Need

The Pet Leadership Council Giving Network is a collaboration between the Pet Leadership Council and‘s RescueBank to connect pet care companies with companion animals in need of supplies and other resources. It provides a fast and effective way to mobilize the pet industry to respond to crises and to ensure that pets in need receive the care they deserve.

Giving Network

How It Works

Companies Volunteer Supplies

Organizations register to become Giving Network partners. Giving Network partners will receive periodic updates from the Giving Network, including action alerts about pets in need.

Partners can submit donation offers via the Giving Network dashboard. Submitted donation offers are reviewed by a member of the Giving Network team to attempt to find a suitable recipient.

RescueBank Facilitates Logistics

Once a suitable donation/recipient match has been found, RescueBank will coordinate the pickup and transport of supplies from the location specified by the donor to a regional distribution center operated by a RescueBank affiliate.

Animals in Need Receive Supplies

After the donation has been delivered to a regional distribution center of RescueBank affiliate, pre-qualified not-for-profit organizations in the area are notified. These organizations pay a small, weight-based handling fee to pick up the supplies. This fee is waived for law enforcement and disaster-related activity.

Realtime Response

Disasters often strike quickly and without notice. For the animals and humans affected, every moment counts.

That’s why the Pet Leadership Council’s Giving Network was designed to react to crises immediately. As soon as disaster strikes, details about the event are sent out to all members of the Giving Network. Members in a position to provide supplies or other forms of assistance can report what they have. From there, RescueBank works with entities in the affected region to coordinate the delivery of resources to those who need it the most. 

Ready to Help?

The resources provided by your organization can make all the difference for animals in need. To get started today, sign up or log in below.

Giving Network Action Alert

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian has caused widespread devastation to the Bahamas, leaving at least 50 dead and over 1,300 as of yet unaccounted for. is responding under Disaster Animal Relief (DAR), a coalition formed by the Bahamian government. Under this umbrella is, The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), The Bahamian Department of Agriculture, the Bahamian Veterinary Medical Association, as well as Island Humane Society and other incorporated stakeholders. is serving a critical logistics role by managing distribution of products requested by this umbrella coalition out of warehouses in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They are receiving daily updates of emergent supply needs and arranging daily flights to fill them without delay. These are urgent critical needs, and we are requesting your assistance in fulfilling them.

We ask you to understand that we are filling direct, critical requests and can only receive items that are identified below due to limitations on warehouse space on the islands. Unlike past Action Alerts, we cannot accept unsolicited offers that are not listed.

For additional information about logistics coordination, please contact Melissa Vecera at

Supplies in Critical Demand

  • Animal Care Supplies / Feed
    • 42" Wire Crates (x500)
    • 26" Airline Crate (x300)
    • 28" Airline Crate (x300)
    • 32" Airline Crate (x300)
    • 36" Airline Crate (x300)
    • 40" Airline Crate (x300)
    • Litter Trays, Disposable (x1,000)
    • Litter Trays, Plastic, Kitten-Sized (x400)
    • Litter Trays, Plastic, Adult-Sized (x400)
    • Litter Scoops (x800)
    • Clay Litter (x6 Pallets)
    • Slip Leads, Nylon (x500)
    • Collars & Leashes (Martingale Preferred, Assorted Sizes)
    • Enrichment Toys (Dog & Cat, Must be Able to be Disinfected, No Cloth or Choking Hazards)
    • Stainless Steel Bowl, 1 Pint (x300)
    • Stainless Steel Bowl, 1 Quart (x300)
    • Stainless Steel Bowl, 2 Quart (x300)
    • Stainless Steel Flat Back Bowl, 1 Quart (x300)
    • Stainless Steel Flat Back Bowl, 2 Quart (x300)
    • Scratching Bricks (x500)
    • Equine Pelleted Feeds (Equivalent to Purina Senior, x4 Pallets)
    • Swine/Pig Food (All Life Stages, x2 Pallets)
  • Veterinary Medical Supplies / Grooming
    • Disinfectant / Antibacterial Shampoo (x300 Bottles)
    • Pet Grooming / Disinfectant Wipes
    • Clippers (Wahl Multi-blade Preferred, x12)
    • Clipper Blades, Various Sizes, Heavy Duty (x12)
    • Clipper Cooling Spray (x12)
    • Dog Nail Trimmer (x30)
    • Cat Nail Trimmer (x30)
    • Hypoallergenic Exam Gloves, Small (6 Cases)
    • Hypoallergenic Exam Gloves, Medium (6 Cases)
    • Hypoallergenic Exam Gloves, Large (6 Cases)
    • Hypodermic Needles, 18 Gauge (x300)
    • Hypodermic Needles, 20 Gauge (x300)
    • Hypodermic Needles, 22 Gauge (x300)
    • Hypodermic Needles, 25 Gauge (x300)
    • Syringes, 1cc (Luer lock tip, x1,000)
    • Syringes, 3cc (Luer lock tip, x1,000)
    • Syringes, 15 (Luer lock tip, x1,000)
    • Tyvek Gowns, Large (x1,000)
    • Tyvek Gowns, Extra Large (x1,000)
    • Booties (x2,000)
    • Chlorhexidine Solution (x5 Gallons)
    • CapStar (x100 Doses, All Sizes)
    • 4x4 Non-Stick Gauze (x500)
    • 4x4 Gauze (x3,000)
    • Vet-Wrap, Assorted Sizes & Colors (x500)
    • Medical / Bandaging Tape, 1" or Less (x250)
    • Vetericyn (x30)
    • Sterile Eye Flush / Wash (x30)
    • Neopolybac NO HC Triple Antibiotic Ointment (x36)
    • Neopolybac HC Triple Antibiotic Ointment (x12)
    • Kwik Stop (x12)
    • Surgical Blades #10
    • Surgical Blades #15
    • Bandage Scissors (x12)
    • Frontline Spray
    • Rescue Ready
    • Adaptil Collars, All Sizes
    • DAP / Feliway Spray
    • Lysine
    • FortiFlora
  • Field / General Supplies
    • Quick Release Catch Poles, 4–6' (x12)
    • Humane Dog Traps (x4)
    • Humane Cat Traps (x50)
    • Bite Gloves (x12)
    • Freeman Cat Capture Nets (x9)
    • Double Snaps (x600)
    • Carabiner Clips (x2,000)
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