United to Improve Our Lives with Pets

The Pet Leadership Council brings together company leaders, industry organizations, trade associations, animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, academia and advocates for pets to promote responsible pet ownership.

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The Pet Leadership Council works with all levels of government, industry, and pet owners to promote responsible lifestyles with companion animals.

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Protect Pet Choice

Puppy mills are an unacceptable problem, but the Pet Leadership Council believes pet store bans prohibiting people’s right to purchase dogs at local shops is not the solution. That’s why the PLC is supporting efforts to establish science-based standards for the care and welfare of breeding dogs.

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Happy Healthy Fish

The Pet Leadership Council embraces the responsibility to ensure the health and welfare of aquatic life, promote environmental stewardship and provide education and training on responsible fish keeping. That’s why the PLC is working to educate consumers about selecting and caring for the right fish, the prevention of invasive species and ongoing conservation efforts.

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Pet Industry News

Pet Halloween Costumes Continue to Grow in Popularity

Have you picked out your pet’s Halloween costume yet? According to a survey from the National Retail Federation, roughly one in five pet owners plan on dressing their pets up for Halloween. The survey, which covers a wide range of topics, indicated that 18% of pet owners had costumes in mind for their pets for […]

FEDIAF Publishes Revised Nutritional Guidelines for Cats and Dogs

The European Pet Food Industry (FEDIAF) recently announced new nutritional guidelines for cat and dog foods. The new guidelines were presented at the European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition Congress in Munich last month, in front of an audience of scientists and veterinary professionals. The revised guidelines represent the latest in the FEDIAF’s effort to […]

Pet Industry Women of the Year Announced

The Women in the Pet Industry Network recently announced the recipients of this year’s Pet Industry Woman of the Year award. The Pet Industry Woman of the Year Award consists of five different awards, each with an emphasis on a different area of excellence within the pet industry. The 2018 Pet Industry Woman of the Year […]

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