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The Pet Leadership Council brings together company leaders, industry organizations, trade associations, animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, academia and advocates for pets to promote responsible pet ownership.

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Pet Industry News

New App Helps Pet Owners Track Pets’ Health

A new app is helping pet owners keep tabs on their pets’ health. The app, part of the Fuzzy pet health-tracking service, helps pet owners to manage their pets’ health by providing access to medical records as well as regularly scheduled veterinary appointments. In addition to records and check-up reminders, the app also provides users with […]

New Test Offers Early Bladder Cancer Detection for Dogs

A new test may help detect bladder cancer in dogs well before any symptoms begin to appear. The test, formally known as the CADETSM BRAF Mutation Detection Assay, can be used to analyze urine for traces of cells shed by urothelial, or transitional cell, carcinomas. Developed by Sentinel Biomedical, the test is being made available for purchase […]

K9 Fit Club Teaming Up with Walk With a Doc for Group Walk Events

Human and canine health promoter K9 Fit Club has teamed up with Walk With a Doc to host a series of group walking events at various locations across the United States. The events, scheduled to take place on January 7 and 21 at 10 AM, will give participants the opportunity to walk alongside K9 Fit Club trainers and Walk […]


The Pet Leadership Council works with all levels of government, industry, and pet owners to promote responsible lifestyles with companion animals.

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Protect Pet Choice

Puppy mills are an unacceptable problem, but the Pet Leadership Council believes pet store bans prohibiting people’s right to purchase dogs at local shops is not the solution. That’s why the PLC is supporting efforts to establish science-based standards for the care and welfare of breeding dogs.

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Happy Healthy Fish

The Pet Leadership Council embraces the responsibility to ensure the health and welfare of aquatic life, promote environmental stewardship and provide education and training on responsible fish keeping. That’s why the PLC is working to educate consumers about selecting and caring for the right fish, the prevention of invasive species and ongoing conservation efforts.

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