United to Improve Our Lives with Pets

The Pet Leadership Council brings together company leaders, industry organizations, trade associations, animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, academia and advocates for pets to promote responsible pet ownership.

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The Pet Leadership Council works with all levels of government, industry, and pet owners to promote responsible lifestyles with companion animals.

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Protect Pet Choice

Puppy mills are an unacceptable problem, but the Pet Leadership Council believes pet store bans prohibiting people’s right to purchase dogs at local shops is not the solution. That’s why the PLC is supporting efforts to establish science-based standards for the care and welfare of breeding dogs.

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Happy Healthy Fish

The Pet Leadership Council embraces the responsibility to ensure the health and welfare of aquatic life, promote environmental stewardship and provide education and training on responsible fish keeping. That’s why the PLC is working to educate consumers about selecting and caring for the right fish, the prevention of invasive species and ongoing conservation efforts.

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Pet Industry News

Popular Exotic Pets at Greater Risk for Release

According to a new study, popular exotic pets are more likely to be released into the wild than other types of pets. The study, conducted by researchers at Rutgers University, used a combination of historic data and citizen science reporting of non-native species sightings to determine how frequently various types of exotic animals were released […]

Purina’s Flock-Tober Celebrates Backyard Chickens

Chicken aficionados rejoice! Purina‘s annual Flock-Tober festivities are returning again this year. Purina’s Flock-Tober is a month-long celebration of chickens that takes place at participating Purina retailers and over social media. Festivities include a number of giveaways as well as the Miss Flock-Tober pageant. Participants in the pageant may qualify for one of four categories: […]

Virtual Dog Could Help Prevent Actual Dog Bites

A virtual dog may soon help reduce the occurrence of bites from [actual] dogs. The University of Liverpool’s Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) recently undertook a project in collaboration with the Dogs Trust and University of Liverpool to create a virtual reality experience to help humans better understand the indicators of aggression in dogs. The project […]

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