Be Dog Smart

Be Dog Smart is a Pet Leadership Council initiative designed to guide prospective pet owners in the process of looking for a dog – whether that’s by way of a professional breeder, sold in a pet store, from a friend or family, or adopted from a shelter or rescue. No matter the source, knowing what to expect, what to ask and what to look for is an important responsibility as a potential dog owner.

Responsible pet acquisition starts with education and the resources to make an informed decision, and that is what Be Dog Smart is all about. By helping prospective dog owners to ask the right questions, research credible sources, and demand transparency from those who provide companion animals, Be Dog Smart ensures pet owners are well-informed and able to take the right steps toward responsible pet ownership.

Did You Know?

Study Underway to Establish Breeding Standards

A study is currently underway at Purdue University to establish science-based standards of care and the welfare of breeding dogs.

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