Responsible Reptile, Amphibian Keeping and Environmental Stewardship

The Pet Leadership Council embraces the responsibility to ensure the health and welfare of reptiles and amphibians, promote environmental stewardship, and provide education and training on the responsible care and husbandry of herptiles.

The PLC supports and believes in:

  • Providing education and care information to empower consumers in choosing the right reptile or amphibian as a pet for their family.
  • Protecting the well-being of animals by developing industry-driven best management practices for the captive breeding and rearing of reptiles and amphibians.
  • Providing opportunities to engage in responsible trade of reptiles and amphibians through development and promotion of best practices for Expos and Trade Shows.
  • Protecting public health through dissemination of information on preventing zoonotic diseases.
  • Addressing public misperceptions about the risks associated with reptile and amphibian keeping through educational efforts and sound science on environmental and public health concerns.
  • Standards for responsible and sustainable collection of wild reptiles and amphibians.
  • Conservation of wild herptile populations across the globe through the promotion of captive breeding of imperiled species and responsible environmental stewardship practices including the importance of not releasing non-native species.

By continuously educating owners (both new and established), reptiles will have healthier and longer lives and this in turn helps other people understand and admire these creatures instead of fearing them. By providing proper health guidelines for reptiles and amphibians we are assuring their well-being and their presence for generations to come while sending the message that we are willing to do anything to keep our pets happy and healthy.”

– Ivan Alfonso, DVM

The PLC encourages the entire reptile and amphibian industry to take the necessary steps to ensure animal well-being, promote environmental stewardship and provide education and training on responsible herptile keeping

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