Responsible Bird Keeping and Environmental Stewardship

The Pet Leadership Council embraces the responsibility to ensure the health and welfare of avian species and provide education and training on responsible bird ownership.

The PLC supports and believes in:

  • Educating consumers on responsible bird ownership to promote healthy, happy lives and decrease the number of birds re-homed or surrendered to shelters
  • Responsible bird breeding programs to insure the long-term survival, health, and genetic diversity of birds in captivity
  • Aviculture that contributes to conservation of wild exotic bird populations and habitats by providing a supply of healthy captive-bred pet birds
  • Research findings to enhance the well-being of birds
  • Responsible and safe import/export of bird species
  • The sale of birds only of sufficient age (weaned) and health conditions
  • Avian certification for aviculture professionals

We believe that anyone who owns a bird needs to be aware of the special needs of the species they own and of their conservation status to insure not only a beneficial relationship between bird and person, but the long-term, self-sustaining populations of exotic birds both in captivity and in the wild.”

– Jamie Whittaker, President, American Federation of Aviculture

The PLC encourages the entire avian industry to take the necessary steps to ensure animal well-being, promote environmental stewardship and provide education and training on responsible bird keeping.

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