Canine Breeding Standards

The Pet Leadership Council reaffirms its support for the responsible and humane care of dogs and puppies in commercial breeding facilities, uniting everyone who cares for our pets behind efforts to establish meaningful standards for these operations.

The PLC supports and believes in:

  • Establishing science-based standards of care for all commercial breeding dogs and puppies.
  • Ensuring transparency at every step in the process to guarantee consumers who choose to purchase a puppy have a humane source for acquisition.
  • Promoting responsible pet ownership, beginning with identifying the perfect pet and educating consumers on proper care of puppies and dogs to reduce the need for relinquishment.
  • Celebrating the educational and health benefits associated with the pet ownership and the human-animal bond.

We must be committed to offering consumers puppies that are bred and raised in a responsible and humane environment that is focused on the welfare of the animals. Dog breeding operations must be accountable for the physical and mental needs of the dogs and ensure that they receive appropriate housing, shelter, staffing, nutrition, socialization, sanitation, exercise, and veterinary care.”

– Bob Vetere, Chair, Pet Leadership Council

The PLC strongly believes that a comprehensive educational program will also be critical so that people can find the dog that is right for them and know that it came from a responsible source. Addressing substandard breeding, procurement and welfare is a key factor in supporting pet stores and breeders that meet high standards of care and act as trusted sources for finding a puppy or dog to add to their family.

Did You Know?

Study Underway to Establish Breeding Standards

A study is currently underway at Purdue University to establish science-based standards of care and the welfare of breeding dogs.

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